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Attractions abound in Fortaleza . Starting with the beautiful central border formed by the beaches of Iracema , Meireles and Fortaleza, united by the Avenida Beira Mar , a meeting point for tourists and residents in time for sunset . A 11 kilometers from downtown , the beach is perfect for a Future dip too stewardship – the various stalls offer not only the typical crab claws and crab baked snapper in coarse salt , but also fresh water showers , chairs , umbrellas and lots of entertainment.

Caranguejo: Petisco preferido para acompanhar a cerveja gelada -

Crab : favorite snack to accompany a cold beer – Photo: Joseph Wagner da Silva ( Embratur )

Around the city are kept and colorful asfalésias dunes that are the face of Ceará . Aboard buggies , are assessed on the beaches of Morro Branco and Fontes, on the East Coast or the Rising Sun. There is still Porto das Dunas , the scenario of Beach Park . The West Coast ( Sunset is ) is to highlight the lagoons of Cumbuco and good winds , which attract fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing .

Metropolis of nightlife , Fortaleza ballad has all week – Monday , incidentally , is considered the most lively of the planet . It is worth checking the schedule of the Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture , with theaters , cinemas , concerts , museums and bars , or simply enjoy the modern architecture of the building. Be sure to also envision art nouveau façade of the Theatro José de Alencar , whether during a performance or through a guided tour .

Futuro beach tents are filled with perks like massages by the sea

Time to taste the delicacies typical of the region , just set the menu and look at the map. If the option is a tasty lobster address is apraia Curuípe where aportam the rafts full of seafood. The food from the hinterland , complete with balloon and two corned beef , is found in the neighborhoods of Varjota and Meireles , who also offer multi-cuisine restaurants .

The tapioca also won a corner just for them – is in Messejana neighborhood and brings together more than 20 stalls offering the delights with various fillings . Have handicrafts is scattered throughout the city . There are several fairs and markets where beautiful works in lace labyrinth , the most traditional of the state , share space with hammocks, the bottles with colored sand drawings , objects in clay and wood …
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Fortaleza has sun, sand, warmth and lively nightlife

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The tourist who contribute in Fortaleza will experience the climate and typical of tropical areas astral . Heat, sun, sea , many fruits , vibrant colors and humorous people should temper the moments of arriving in Fortaleza to know its beautiful scenery .

Although imposes itself as a major urban center where live about 2.5 million people , the city preserves a style of mainly coastal life. It is on the edge where it all happens . This makes a simple fortress city of deciphering , which makes it much easier time to get ready to enjoy its attractions .

Along the Avenida Beira Mar , postcard linking the most central town beaches ( Iracema , Meireles and Meireles ) , the location is open day and night to be known in several ways . Can be addressed in hiking or boating ; savored in its cuisine that takes seafood, lobsters and fish , or appreciated in his craft . The region is also the one that concentrates the best hosting structure of the city and is just 10 km from the Castellan Arena .

The strong winds at the edge of fortress make the scenario , plus more freshly baked , ideal for water sports such as sailing , windsurfing and kitesurfing . And the flat relief well can be availed by those who enjoy jogging, biking, skateboarding , rollerblading , or even play basketball , volleyball and soccer in the various blocks on the banks of the Avenida Beira Mar.

Have Praia do Futuro is the point both to enjoy the sunshine in comfort like to party at night. When the sun sets , its giant tents viewed stage for performances of humor and musical shows .

Fortaleza is still the starting point for visiting the famous beaches of your surroundings as Canoa Quebrada , Cumbuco and Jericoacoara .

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List ‘best destinations’ in the world includes Fortaleza

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Ranking is based on review site TripAdvisor traveler.

Two Brazilian cities were ranked on a list that has awarded more destinations that are on the rise among tourists in 2013. Fortaleza, Ceará, and João Pessoa, Paraíba, were among the 54 places in the world that had more positive opinions and showed an increase in interest over the year according to TripAdvisor site users.

In the award, called Travelers’ Choice Destinations 2013 in Alta, Fortaleza was in tenth place in the top 10 worldwide, who gave the first place to Havana, Cuba.

Have João Pessoa was fourth in South America, after Cusco (Peru), Fortaleza and Lima (Peru).

São Paulo, which last year had been in second place, was not classified in any of the lists this year.

Regional lists were also revealed to Asia, Europe, South Pacific and USA. The full results can be seen at this link.

Os 10 best destinations
1°- Havana, Cuba
2°- La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
3°- Katmandu, Nepal
4°- Jerusalém, Israel
5°- Cusco, Peru
6°- Ambergris Caye, Belize
7°- Sapporo, Japão
8°- Hanoi, Vietnã
9°- Corralejo, Espanha
10°- Fortaleza, Brasil

Os 10 best destinations in South America

1°- Cusco, Peru
2°- Fortaleza, Brasil
3°- Lima, Peru
4°- João Pessoa, Brasil
5°- Santiago, Chile
6°- Bogotá, Colômbia
7°- Quito, Equador
8°- Medellín, Colômbia
9°- São Pedro do Atacama, Chile
10°- El Calafate, Argentina

Fortaleza was the second city that most tourists received during the Confederations Cup

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Ministry of Tourism Search that traced the profile of the tourists FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 shows that Fortress was the second most popular destination for foreign visitors during the event . With a share of 25.5 % , the capital of Ceará was second only to Rio de Janeiro , which had 67.5 % of tourists from other countries . In total , 15,567 people were interviewed in the study . Of this total 1,731 of them are foreign .

The survey also revealed that 75.8 % of visitors coming from other countries to the Confederations Cup intend to return to the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. According to the survey by the Ministry , each foreign spent , on average , U.S. $ 4,060 during their stay in the country

The overall average of respondents ( Brazilian and foreign ) was R $ 1,348 for the trip . The survey also pointed out the cities that recorded the highest per capita spending , including national and outside visitors . In this aspect , Fortaleza also excelled this item, with a per capita expenditure of R $ 919.52 , reaching the second position among all the host city . Firstly , was the Rio de Janeiro ( R $ 948.70 ) again .

According to the Brazilian Tourism Institute ( Embratur ) , about 283 thousand visitors are expected for the city of Fortaleza , during the World Cup 2014. They should spend about U.S. $ 1.5 billion . The average daily expenditure will be around R $ 534 and stay in the City will be 10 days.

” Data from the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur only show us how much we are specializing in and prepared to welcome even more visitors in our City . The Municipality of Fortaleza has done several actions , serving those who visit us and also leaving a great legacy for the population of Fortaleza , ” said Secretary of Tourism municipal, Salmito Son .