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Ministry of Tourism Search that traced the profile of the tourists FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 shows that Fortress was the second most popular destination for foreign visitors during the event . With a share of 25.5 % , the capital of Ceará was second only to Rio de Janeiro , which had 67.5 % of tourists from other countries . In total , 15,567 people were interviewed in the study . Of this total 1,731 of them are foreign .

The survey also revealed that 75.8 % of visitors coming from other countries to the Confederations Cup intend to return to the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. According to the survey by the Ministry , each foreign spent , on average , U.S. $ 4,060 during their stay in the country

The overall average of respondents ( Brazilian and foreign ) was R $ 1,348 for the trip . The survey also pointed out the cities that recorded the highest per capita spending , including national and outside visitors . In this aspect , Fortaleza also excelled this item, with a per capita expenditure of R $ 919.52 , reaching the second position among all the host city . Firstly , was the Rio de Janeiro ( R $ 948.70 ) again .

According to the Brazilian Tourism Institute ( Embratur ) , about 283 thousand visitors are expected for the city of Fortaleza , during the World Cup 2014. They should spend about U.S. $ 1.5 billion . The average daily expenditure will be around R $ 534 and stay in the City will be 10 days.

” Data from the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur only show us how much we are specializing in and prepared to welcome even more visitors in our City . The Municipality of Fortaleza has done several actions , serving those who visit us and also leaving a great legacy for the population of Fortaleza , ” said Secretary of Tourism municipal, Salmito Son .