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The tourist who contribute in Fortaleza will experience the climate and typical of tropical areas astral . Heat, sun, sea , many fruits , vibrant colors and humorous people should temper the moments of arriving in Fortaleza to know its beautiful scenery .

Although imposes itself as a major urban center where live about 2.5 million people , the city preserves a style of mainly coastal life. It is on the edge where it all happens . This makes a simple fortress city of deciphering , which makes it much easier time to get ready to enjoy its attractions .

Along the Avenida Beira Mar , postcard linking the most central town beaches ( Iracema , Meireles and Meireles ) , the location is open day and night to be known in several ways . Can be addressed in hiking or boating ; savored in its cuisine that takes seafood, lobsters and fish , or appreciated in his craft . The region is also the one that concentrates the best hosting structure of the city and is just 10 km from the Castellan Arena .

The strong winds at the edge of fortress make the scenario , plus more freshly baked , ideal for water sports such as sailing , windsurfing and kitesurfing . And the flat relief well can be availed by those who enjoy jogging, biking, skateboarding , rollerblading , or even play basketball , volleyball and soccer in the various blocks on the banks of the Avenida Beira Mar.

Have Praia do Futuro is the point both to enjoy the sunshine in comfort like to party at night. When the sun sets , its giant tents viewed stage for performances of humor and musical shows .

Fortaleza is still the starting point for visiting the famous beaches of your surroundings as Canoa Quebrada , Cumbuco and Jericoacoara .

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